It’s Time to Play with Your Food!

When you hear “healthy eating,” you probably think about boring, bland and expensive food that takes too long to prepare. Or about losing weight. Or denying yourself the tastes you love.

That sounds just as awful to us at Mother’s Arms Wellness! So we cooked up two delicious options.

One-on-One Cooking Marathon in Your Home

This experience is a mashup of the fun cooking sessions you may have had with your mother, plus the latest trends in healthy eating.

We start designing this experience in our 30-minute complimentary conversation. You share your answers to our proprietary “Play with Your Food” survey. That allows us to focus on what matters to you, including some of these areas:

  • Grab and go foods
  • Weight management
  • Budget and time management
  • Promoting healthy moods

Then we send a shopping list and schedule our three-hour cooking marathon. This will be the most fun you’ve had in your kitchen in years! And the tasty, healthy food you make will leave you (and your family) feeling better.

Rinse and repeat as many times as you like. But our goal is that soon you’ll no longer need us!

Party with a Purpose

You may remember preparing lavish meals for holidays with your mom. Perhaps you’ve gotten together for kitchen fun with other famiy and friends while growing up. The jokes, laughter and great food… ever wonder why people gather in the kitchen? Let’s update this! 

We’ll use our complimentary call to plan all the details: from who is coming, to any food sensitivities, to what you want to make and eat. Then we’ll be your personal chef and party planner. Everyone will have a great time preparing this meal together, while learning new tips and tricks to take back to their own kitchens.

The highlight of our time spent together is sitting down to break (gluten-free) bread and savor the holistically nourishing experience we’ve created!

Interested in Combining this with Yoga?

See our Healing Yoga programs—and ask about a discount on combined whole food prep and yoga classes!

We Take Our Programs on the Road!

Talk to us about customized retreats, speeches and special events for your group.

Fun Facts

Did you know that cutting up your garlic 10 minutes before you eat it or cook it will increase the nutritional benefits?

Ready to have Fun and Play with Your Food?

Healthy eating—which makes your body and mind feel better—doesn’t have to be drudgery. Schedule your complementary 30-minute conversation so we can serve up a nourishing experience for you, your family and friends.

Food for Thought

What is YOUR idea of a happy meal?  What comes to mind when you think of convenience foods?  Let us introduce you to the guilt free, home cooked and nutrient dense meal in less than 10 minutes!  Now THAT’S a happy meal!