Think Yoga Can’t Be Fun? Think Again!

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old art and science—not just an exercise and not a religion. That doesn’t mean it has to be either “stuffy” or “new age-y.”

Mother’s Arms Wellness helps you take yoga off the mat and into your life! First, we teach and practice it with you, so you can experience the calm, delicious high of a “yoga glow.” Then we show you ways to work it into everyday activities.

How this looks depends upon what you want.

Private Instruction in Your Home

  • On a tight or unusual schedule?
  • Signed up for group classes but too often skipped them?
  • Prefer not to be the embarrassed beginner or self-conscious member of a large group?

This is for you.

After our complimentary 30-minute conversation, Mother’s Arms Wellness designs a program just for you. This includes the tools and styles we know best suit you: from hatha to iyengar, from breath work to guided imagery. You’ll look forward to—and never want to miss—another yoga experience again!

Semi-Private Classes in Our Studio

  • Love the energy of being with a small group of like-minded people?
  • Enjoy carving out regular time for yourself?
  • Want the benefits of personalized attention at a slightly lower cost?

This is the best approach for you.

Our 30-minute complimentary chat will help determine the best Mother’s Arms Wellness yoga group and times for you. The goal is to give you a sense of well-being that grows with you between classes!

Interested in Combining this with Better Nutrition?

See our whole food nutrition programs—and ask about a discount on a combined yoga and healthy food prep program!

We Take Our Programs on the Road!

Talk to us about customized retreats, speeches and special events for your group.

Veterans Benefit From Sensory Enhanced Yoga

We use the Yoga Warriors International Method to cater to our veterans. It is a style of yoga that was specifically designed for the combat vet suffering from post war injuries including but not limited to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a privilege and an honor to serve those who served.  Semper Fi (once a Marine Mom, always a Marine Mom)

We say that dogs are people, too!

Our canine family members are a wonderful source of unconditional love, intuition and instinct!  Visit our events page and join us to learn more about giving back to our awesome pets.  Much like our vets, they serve us by giving their all!