Do you say these things to yourself:

I can’t do yoga

I don’t have the time or money to “eat healthy”

I’m not into that peace, light, love, yadda yadda stuff

Do you have:

Stress, anxiety, insomnia

     Physical discomfort or weight concerns

A certainty that “this is just how life is”

Then Come to Mother's Arms Wellness!

This is a welcoming, safe place. Where you “feel mothered.” Where you find practical ways to lead a more balanced, energized life. Where you discover how to bring healing care back into your own life.

It Really is All About You!

Think yoga is about putting your ankles behind your head? We don’t believe in “pretzel yoga”! Here’s what happens at our private and semi-private classes.
Think healthy eating is about denying yourself? Not here! Look inside our in-home cooking marathons and nutrition parties.

Let's Talk

We promise to create a program just for you. That’s because our journey begins with a complimentary 30-minute call to explore ways to make your life delicious!

Contact Cathy at 847-372-8683 or email at to start feeling nurtured right now!

Mother’s Arms Wellness serves interested—and interesting!—people in Chicago’s North Shore and Northwestern neighborhoods, and other locations by appointment.